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LONGing for more

Jake Long has signed with the Dolphins and that officially makes him the #1 overall pick. HAHA. Wow. #1 overall pick for what some scouts think is a future RT? That sucks. Jake Long is going to be a probable decent LT and maybe a great RT, but now he is going to have that #1 overall pci kthing hanging on him as a lineman, and that is going to be tough. Bill Parcells doesn't surprise me. He builds a football team in the classic manner, starting with the line, then skill positions, then a veteran QB until he finds a young guy to take over as the team peaks. The one good thing is, it puts us one pick closer to getting Chris Long. I have no doubt Chris Long is #1 on our board. Its my guess that Kiffin likes him AND Davis likes him, he is ideal fit and fills the biggest hole on the defensive line. He will have to slip by STL and ATL, but I am not so sure that isn't possible now with one or both wanting to trade down. If one passes and another drops down, Chris Long may fall into ou

Schedule, 3 Things to Watch, Recharged for Draft

As most of you have read, the below is a our 2008 schedule. Check out my take. Week 1 : Sept. 8 (Mon.) Denver Broncos 7:15 p.m. - As I stated before, Al Davis' spending spree could pay off big time with Monday Night game against the hated rivals. A big win makes it a success, a big loss wont change the general public's mind about our team being weak. Understandable, this would be a loss against a weak team. Week 2: Sept. 14 at Kansas City Chiefs 10 a.m. - Going to Arrowhead is never easy, but we won there last year. We've improved; they haven't. We should win this game, doing it is much harder, but we should win this game. Week 3: Sept. 21 at Buffalo Bills 10 a.m. - NFL Schedule makers could have made us go to Buffalo in mid winter, but instead we get late Sept. Possible cold weather game at the most favorable time possible. NFL was nice to us here, and I truly believe the NFL knows that the league is always better off when the Raiders are good. Week 4: Sept. 28 San Die

Raider Nation: The Blog 2008 Mock Draft

This mock draft was done with the help of a mostly impartial partner (Jags fan). We did it a while back, but it still seems to be fairly accurate. Neither of us did it based no our wants, but rather who we both thought the teams would take. 1 MIA Chris Long DE Played in a 3-4 in college, and is just the kind of hard worker Parcells needs to jumpstart this franchise 2 STL Jake Long OT Orlando Pace isn't getting any younger, and may just decide to spend the season playing catch with his kids (or raiding the fridge) 3 ATL Glenn Dorsey DT Well, they're not taking McFadden with Turner in the fold, and Ryan's just not worth a pick this high. Dorsey gets the edge over Ellis due to superior production and strength 4 OAK Darren McFadden RB Al Davis' favorite kind of football player: a freak athlete with great college production. Who is calling the shots, Mr. Kiffin? 5 KC Sedrick Ellis DT KC's roster is a shambles of what it used to be, and Herm Edwards takes the defensive