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Raiders Chance at Postseason on Life Support

Stayin' alive. The Raiders did just that Sunday with a win over Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos to go 5-0 in the division. The Chiefs and Chargers won, meaning the #Raiders need a lot of help to get to the postseason. Specifically, the Raiders need a Chiefs loss in week 16 and a Chargers loss in either week 16 or 17 as well as winning the next two games. Raiders must beat Peyton Manning and the Colts and the Chiefs in Kansas City. The Raiders must take care of business and they need help from the Denver Broncos or Cincinnati Bengals and the Tennessee Titans. There is a reality check here. The Raiders need a ton of help from subpar teams. The postseason may well have been thrown out the window with the Raiders loss in Jacksonville or any of the other regrettable defeats the Raiders suffered this season. The team just wasn't quite there, but the team is bearing late season fruit and the harvest conditions are favorable for 2011. With the playoffs simply a pipe dream, there is a

Week 15 Ticket Info

Guided By The Ground Game

No one runs the ball better than the Raiders, except the Chiefs. Remember that line from week nine? In week 14, it could be rephrased. No one runs the ball better than the Raiders, except the Chiefs and Jaguars. The Raiders and Jaguars are surprisingly in the thick of the playoff run. Both teams are largely reliant on the running game to generate offensive production. The two ground games will battle at EverBank Field today, looking to make a statement about their playoffs chances. Maurice Jones-Drew is rolling and the Raiders front seven must do what it takes to keep him contained. On offense, the Raiders must get their own ground game going as the entire offense flows from a healthy running game, The run game aspect of this match up has been publicized, but how hard is it to stop Jones-Drew and how hard is it to run on the Jaguars? During Jones-Drew's streak, five 100-yard games, he's faced the Cowboys, Texans, Browns, Giants and Titans. Team Run Defense vs, Jones-Drew Dalla