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Amy Trask & Michael Vick

On the drive into work today, I started wondering if Amy Trask's involvement in an animal rescue would keep Al Davis from signing Michael Vick. My initial impulse is yes. If Amy doesn't like it, she is one person in the organization Al Davis wouldn't want to lose, even for a football player like Vick. Then I started thinking. Amy Trask is a very smart woman. If Al Davis signs Vick, she can immediately help Vick rebuild his life and help out animals as well. Vick may also be able to save many more dogs than he killed through ARF,  Tony LaRussa's Animal Rescue Foundation. The "Hall of Fame" board of ARF also includes the owner of the St Louis Cardinals, David Pratt, Mark McGwire (who could use a second chance himself) and the publisher of the San Jose Mercury News, George Riggs. Along side Chairman Tony LaRussa on the board of directors is Amy Trask and veterinarian Sandy Block of Bollinger Canyon Animal Hospital in San Ramon. There is simply no better way

Training Camp 2009: Day 1

Before I get into training camp. A few Vick updates. Adam Shefter tweeted this morning that Vick isn't going to land in Oakland. Nnamdi Asomugha also tried to dismiss the notion that the Raiders like to sign thugs. That really hasn't been the case in the past 10+ years anyway. I still think Vick would be a decent option in Oakland, but Peter King after initially thinking it is a possibility, doesn't any longer. There have been many rumors swirling that Amy Trask may be (unconfirmed rumor*) a big animal lover. If Al thought he would lose Trask due to bringing Vick in, he wouldn't. She is too valuable to the franchise. She might be the only front office person with that kind of position. Thomas Howard, Kirk Morrison and Darren McFadden are back in the bay. Looks like the roster flew in yesterday. If you were at the Oakland Airport you probably saw a few players. Just don't call McFadden a high school football player when your there (via DMC's twitter). All

Training Camp Preview

What to expect from Raiders this training camp. Is the offense going to lag significantly behind the defense like the past few seasons or will the offense start make some plays? Two great questions I can't answer along with, "Will Russell's WR school make a difference?" So why do I ask these questions? Because I believe that is one small indicator of what to expect from the offense this season. If the defense still proves to be significantly better than the offense, then the offense might not be ready for primetime. That is a scary thought considering the Raiders play in primetime right out of the gate. If the offense shows significant improvement passing against the their own defense, you that ***may*** indicate a better season on the offensive side of the ball. I had a nice discussion with a Chargers fan yesterday. He admits the Chargers are probably past their prime in terms of contending for the Super Bowl, but he doesn't expect any of the other teams in the d

4 More Will Be Cut

Because the roster currently sits at 84, there will be four more players cut before camp. So who will they be? 1. Southwick was a camp arm 2. Walter may finally get his wish 3. Samie Parker is still on the Roster 4. There are a host of other players that could take this spot. Such as another WR or Lineman People were upset with Sulak, Davis and Joseph. I wonder if any flags will be raised when Davis and Company releases four more players in the very near future.