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Michael Bush Likely to Remain a Raider

Per Adam Caplann,  Michael Bush is almost certain to return to the Raiders in 2011. Michael Bush spent his entire first season on the non-football injury list  and he wouldn't have accrued the four seasons necessary to become a free agent. This conflicts with Jerry McDonald's report that his first season would count and he would become a free agent if the new rules allow players with four seasons to become free agents. I trust Jerry McDonald, but I have heard if the rules remained the same under the new collective bargaining agreement he would not become a free agent. There is also the possiblity this provision could be changed in the new labor deal.

Raiders Can't Afford Asomugha

After crunching a few numbers, making a few educated estimations, and updating some old salary cap data one thing is clear: The Raiders can't afford Nnamdi Asomugha. The Raiders may only be able to afford Zach Miller or Michael Huff, and not both. If the Salary Cap were in place in 2010, the Raiders total salary cap figure would have been $132 million. As of  January 13, the Raiders cap figure for 2011 was $85.8 million. This was prior to new deals for Stanford Routt, Richard Seymour as well as the franchise tender given to Kamerion Wimbley. Based upon my calculations, the Raiders figure is between $118 million and $130 million for 2011. The two methods deployed to come up with this range were using the $85.8 and adding the money committed in contracts after January 13. The second was utilizing the contracts page on and compensating for any guarantees the player may have. Obviously both methods are flawed which is why the range is so large. $12 million could be the

Raiders Need a Quarterback

Jason Campbell will be the starter going into the 2011 season. Given his inconsistency in 2010, the Raiders must hedge its bet and bring in a quarterback of the future. The backup quarterback is Kyle Boller and is no threat to be anything more than a backup. What available players might fit what the Raiders need?   Terrelle Pryor The Ohio State product will enter the supplemental draft. He'd be an interesting project quarterback for Hue Jackson to mold. The Raiders are a favorite to land Pryor and they are, like many teams, exploring Pryor's on and off-the-field resume. He'd slide in as the third quarterback and would be groomed to take over at a future date two or three years down the line. Given the Raiders track record of developing quarterbacks and Pryor's lack of NFL caliber traits as a quarterback, it's probably best to stay away from Pryor despite his size.   Vince Young It wasn't long ago the Raiders scouts were drooling all over Vince Young during the p

Raiders Eying UDFA Linebackers

With an extended window to examine tape of this year's undrafted free agent (UDFA) pool, we could be in store for some of the largest UDFA signing bonuses in the history of the league. It's surprising then, that several names have started to leak out regarding the interest in certain undrafted players. In particular, it seems the Raiders are targeting linebackers, probably looking to add depth to the core player and supplement the likely departure of Thomas Howard. A few names that have surfaced:  Mario Harvey ,  Cobrani Mixon , and  Darnell Bolding. Mario Harvey might be one of the hotter names still available and would be a good fit as a fifth linebacker for the Raiders. Harvey is a short linebacker with good instincts. He timed well, but is slower in pads. He's known to be an aggressive tackler. Cobrani Mixon is a light inside linebacker and lacks range and speed, but could be effective if he adds bulk. He was very productive at Kent State. An ideal developmental playe

Al Davis Must Weigh Profit vs. Control In LA Move

This morning, Profootballtalk reported  AEG has spoken to five teams about purchase and relocation to Los Angeles. One of the five teams is the Raiders. The Raiders are one of many teams needing a new stadium, something being offered in the deal to move to LA. Any team moving to LA would be set up handsomely in regards to corporate sponsorship and future revenues. With uncertaintly and the likely demise of many of the revenue sharing provisions of the past decade, large media markets become that much more important for profit generation in the NFL. Los Angeles has an ability to attract top players and that would certainly help the product on the field as well. Al Davis and any team needing a stadium would be crazy not to jump at the chance to move to Los Angeles, if it wasn't for one significant detail. Control. AEG, the company behind the Los Angeles stadium plans wants to purchase majority interest in the relocating team. As we all know, the NFL is a lucrative business and relinq

Bo Knows Charity (Jersey Giveaway)

Would you like to win a size 52 XL Bo Jackson jersey? Sewn numbers and never worn. It is what I like to call a replithentic jersey. Bo Jackson grew up poor, so what better way to give away his jersey than raise money for the poor? My goal is to raise at least $200 for Wordvision. Not a lofty goal, but I hope the jersey hanging in my closet can do some good. A few chickens, a goat, and a few fruit trees and a small community has resources that could ultimately lift them out of poverty. I'd love to be blown away by the Raider Nation. Cancelled your season tickets because of the lockout? Put that money to good use helping people who really need the help. Starting today, for every $1 you give to World Vision you get one entry into the raffle to win the jersey. If you sponsor a child for $35 a month, I'll give you 50 entries and post you and your sponsored child on the blog. Donate a goat, after all, wouldn't Bo Jackson have been the G.O.A.T if not for the injury that ended hi

Player Workouts Are Worth The Risk

More than a few people have commented on player-organized workouts with, "just wait until a player blows out a knee." Are player-organized workouts worth the risk of potential injury? At best the workouts are half-speed scrimmages with no contact. The players mostly go through position drills and weightlifting. There is no film review or coaching critique. The players could easily be practicing bad habits. The problem with this criticism is that the players are expected to do position drills and weightlifting in the offseason to make sure they are in shape for the season. Many even do it at athletic facilities much like the one which hosted the Raiders players recent workouts. Absent coach-organized outlets the players from just about every team are organizing their own activities. Have we heard about even one injury? Has it added much injury risk that didn't already exist since most of the activies they would or should be doing on their own anyway? The answer is no. At h