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Predicting the 53-Man Roster Proves Difficult

After a meaningless game in which no starters played, we escaped without injury and McFadden showcased his strength and downhill style a little more. The biggest question is, who makes the 53 man roster? Of course several players still could be on the bubble if we bring in guys that were cut from other teams, but which 53 are we looking at right now? Consider this...its not Lane's decision. Al Davis calls the shots, but I would expect Davis to listen to the coach on the offense, the defense is going to be heavily influenced by Davis. Still, although I'll be only 90% correct, here is my guesses and why. QB: Russell, Walter, Tui - Kiffin already said we will carry three QBs RB: Fargas, McFadden, Bush - Rankin is eligible for the practice squad, and we don't need him unless we have an injury. FB: Griffith, Lawton - There is a hunch I have that Reece makes it over Lawton, but considering Reece could go to the practice squad, I have to guess this way. There is a chance Lawton go

Two Starters Lost For The Season: Leaves Gapping Hole

My appologies for the live blog the mobile blogging software is suspect... Losing Oneal might be one of the larger blows to this team in a while. As is well documented on this blog he was one of my favorite to watch. The only thing that saves us partly is having a good FB still healthy who is also very good. The loss of Carter not only thrust Curry back outside but thinned an already weak WR spot even more. Koren Robinson comes to my mind as the best possible signing we could make. Talented player with needed return skills. He also finally appears to have gotten his head right. I heard him ok the Monty show a couple weeks ago and he really has focused on his family and God. It is possible it was just talk but he seemed very geniune. He would immediatey help us on kick returns and is a viable option at WR. I wouldn't believe we could pass up the opportunity to help in two areas when he so clearly fits both. Coop, Spires and Irons were cut a clear sign we replaced Coop on special tea

Pre Season Week 2 Season Prediction Fun

I really only had one beer I swear. You can watch me struggle with simple addition in this one. Great College Education I have!!

Pre-Season Game 1: Battle of the Bay

I was at the game, so this is from a live perspective this time around. I should attend a number of games this season, although I don't forsee another pre-season game in me. I got to see the rotations and I paid very careful attention to the RB rotation. Fargas played only against the starters, and struggled a little bit, but he ran hard and it wasn't as if we were tipping our hand as far as running plays go. Solid. He had a couple nice gains. I find it hard to believe Fargas isn't going to get banged up and hurt again the way he runs, but at least we have some nice young backs to back him up this season. McFadden got a few carries against the starters and looked really good. It wasn't flashy, but he only got one outside run the whole game and never lined up as a WR nor was he thrown a screen pass. He runs hard and fast and its only a matter of time until he breaks some big ones. McFadden also got rotated with Bush against the second string defense (With second string o

Off-Day Observations

Jason Jones reports Walker is acting like be didn't ever think of retiring while Kiffin is very concerned. I said that we couldn't possibly hit on every signing we made this off-season and I am beginning to think Walker is going to be the one bad one. I hope that if he can't get his head screwed on that he would retire. I'd be more than willing to give him a shot to make the team next hear if he gets his mind right. I haven't heard enough from coaches to merit a grade or ranking of camp performances but I do. Believe Jake Grove will have a break out year. He always worked well alongside Gallery. Few players that I expected a lot from are doing poorly with a few actually being better than I thought. There is alot of time left in camp and preseason so it's early yet to judge the likes of Tommy Kelly and others. Keep checking back for updates and original commentary as we roll through this camp.

Walker Wanted to Quit?

From such a positive training camp comes some not so positive vibes. Javon Walker wanted to quit and Al Davis talked him out of it. Wow. Why? Walker clearly doesn't have that burst he used to have and clearly he is questioning his own desire for football and Al Davis refused to take back the money for probably our most suspect signing of the offseason? It could still be something Walker is mulling, perhaps Davis just convinced Walker to do more work in camp and practice twice a day, get back into it so much that he blocks out the other stuff. For all Davis' so called faults, he does care about his players well being. I think Davis knows that even if Walker does quit and he gets out of his $11 million flub, that its not better for Walker. Walker's problems will only haunt him if he enables himself to sulk in them. The best thing for Walker is to dive headfirst into football and really get himself going. If he can never regain that magic again, at least Javon Walker will get