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Scouting the Raiders Recent Front Office Changes

When Reggie McKenzie was hired he spoke of the fact that he planned to make changes within the Raiders front office. He brought up his vision of having everyone within the organization from front office employees to players on the field having one goal in mind and that is winning a championship. He went on to say that while not all changes would be immediate he would evaluate every position and make changes where and when he saw fit. We now know that at the very least you know Reggie is a man of his word. Shortly after Reggie was hired the first front office change came in the form of John Herrera "taking a break" from his job. What that means is only really known by people inside the Raiders organization, but don't be surprised if he was encouraged to take that break. Lets just say it didn't take most people long to get over that move and Reggie wasted no time in filling the void. On March 24th it was announced that Zak Gilbert was hired as director of media relation