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The 48 Hour Giveaway!

Win your choice of a free ticket to this Sunday's game against the Bengals or one items from the list of eligible items in my Raiders Rewards program. Note: There is a small chance that the ticket will not be available, in which case you will receive your choice of one item from my Raiders Rewards account (all my eligible points). Among the items is a Michael Huff replica autograph picture an Authentic Jon Condo autographed picture, a few different T-Shirts (male and female) and a couple women's hats. How to enter: 1. Become of fan on Facebook ---> Click Here 2. Leave a comment anywhere on the blog. 3. Follow me on Twitter and ReTweet this post. A random winner will be selected Saturday, November 21, 2009 at approximately 8:00 pm Pacific.

Gradkowski Named Starter: Can He Help?

The quarterback play can't get any worse and even a slight bump in production will lead to a more competitive team. Right? Chad Ochocinco may have said it best during his media conference call. What is on the field doesn't match production. Will Gradkowski cure the ills of the Raiders? Does he really give the Raiders the best chance to win? The stats say no. Lets compare Russell to Gradkowski. Gradkowski's career numbers: 22 games 53.1% completions 9 touchdowns 15 Interceptions 4.9 yards per attempt 19 passes over 20 yards 3 over 40 yards Russell career numbers: 28 games 51.6% completions 17 touchdowns 21 Interceptions 6.0 yards per attempt 49 passes over 20 yards 7 passes over 40 yards Russell in 09: 9 games 46.8% 2 TD 9 INT 5.2 yard per attempt Using those numbers: Approx 161 more passes will be thrown by a Raiders QB this season Gradkowski completes: 89 for 789 yards with 3 TD & 5 INTs Russell career completes: 83 for 966 yards with 4 TDs and 5 INTs Russell 09' v

Mr. Davis' Neighborhood

You could easily claim that this Raiders team is lifeless. The Raiders, still a part of the NFL, could barely put up 10 points against one of the leagues weakest teams. That is pretty close to lifeless. However, there are clearly signs of life on the team, specifically on defense, where Raiders draft picks and free agents are actually playing tough. Is the rush defense still suspect? Absolutely, but there are signs of life all over the defensive side of the ball. Richard Seymour and Greg Ellis have brought life the defensive line, even if Tommy Kelly and Gerrard Warren aren't the answer inside. At least Kelly and Warren have shown flashes. Nnamdi Asomugha is still a great player that no one dares challenge and Chris Johnson makes his living making plays and getting burned from time to time. The emergence of Tyvon Branch has been a bright spot and Michael Huff looks like a serviceable player. As much as I love Kirk Morrison, he needs to move to SAM and the Raiders need to

Midseason Report Card

Everyone likes to grade at the halfway point, but how do you assign a grade without being too arbitrary? I'll do two grades. One is based on NFL yardage rankings and the other I will adjust (arbitrarily) based on what I thought were reasonable expectations coming into the season and other key stats, such as touchdowns, etc. NFL rankings: 1-6 = A 7-12 = B 13-18 = C 19-24 = D 25-32 = F (+ for being in the top 2 for each tier and - for being in the bottom 2 of the tier, except for an F grade.) Passing Offense: NFL Grade: F My Grade: F Analysis: The Raiders spent all offseason working on the passing offense. It seems that all that work actually made them worse. The passing offense ranks second to last at 122.1 yards per game. If it wasn't for the equally bad Browns passing offense (121.5 ypg), this team would be in dead last. It isn't even close as the Kansas City Chiefs are third to last with 150.3 yards per game passing. The team is also dead last, with just two p

The Curious Case of Tom Cable

Three wives and various girlfriends. Three allegations: one refuted, one admitted, one cleared by the Alameda police. The Cable man does visit a lot of houses, although usually the cable man sticks to the living room, this particular Cable man likes to install his cable in the bedroom. Multiple wives are actually the norm for a lot of coaches. It is a tough life for the wives, with long hours and high stress. Cable admits to hitting his first wife Sandy after she admitted an affair. He says open handed, she says  it was a fist and it happened two times, one time in the face. Glenda, his second wife, said Cable was physically abusive in divorce papers. She has known Cable for 20 years and she released a statement that said Cable never hit her. Editorial Note: Divorce papers are designed to maximize payouts/asset splits. If Glenda knew of the previous incident with Sandy, here attorney likely would put that in the divorce documents to get more money out of Cable. Then comes this Lutz cha