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Cable and the Misfits

Well, I couldn't go more than two weeks. There has been a variety of things that have happened over this span, not least of which is an exotic assembling of a football staff without a Head Coach. It is believed that Cable will be the guy, but why hasn't he been named? The only logical solution is we want to interview coaches from the Super Bowl teams. Assistants, etc. Davis can interview any of them as long as it is for HC. If he signs Cable he wouldn't be able to interview any of them that are under contract. So Cable operates as the HC, with the only thing standing in his way a Tomlinesque interview and that person also willing to take on an Al Davis assembled coaching staff. This is why I believe it will ultimately be Cable and also why the sports media can report it as true even though Al Davis denies it. This is basically the same scenario as with Art Shell's firing, it was a very probable certainty, and league sources can confirm these near certainties. So what is

Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen Fired

After an unsuccessful few years in Tampa Bay, the tandem that brought the Raiders to the 2002 Super Bowl have been fired. You have to wonder if the Raiders might make a call to two men they used to employ. It isn't likely they will be able to get a job together outside of maybe, the Raiders. Bruce Allen is respected by Al Davis and was the closest to a GM the Raiders have had in many years. Gruden is a good offensive mind and provided he doesn't land a head coaching job elsewhere, might make a good offensive coordinator. Not sure how it would work, but Cable, Gruden, Bruce Allen would certainly qualify as the big splash Davis wanted to make. Stay tuned! Tampa Bay Presser at 4 p.m. Pacific

Breaking Down the Cap: Fargas

When Fargas signed his three-year contract, he received a signing bonus of $6 million. That is spread out over the three years. $2 million each 2008, 2009 and 2010. He received $605K in 2008 base, $2.5 million base for 2009, and $1.5 million base for 2010. Not guaranteed base salary. The cost to cut or TRADE him has been reported to be $5.3 million. The reason for this cap charge is due to the prorated bonus money he is due totaling $4 million. That also means he has $1.3 million in likely to be earned incentives in his contract, even if he is unlikely to earn them as the third runningback. What this basically means, is cutting him now costs us $5.3 million. However, we would save approx $2.6 million in 2010 if Fargas was cut pre-june 1. However, the league permits two things. You can spread the cap hit over two years for two players before June 1, or as many as you want after June 1. Essentially, we could decide to take the cap hit of $5.3 million over two years. This prevents us from

Lofton, Schneider Out, Washington, Lal In

James Lofton has been fired, Schneider jumped ship to USC. Lionel Washington will coach the defensive backs and Sanjay Lal will be promoted to WR coach. We also requested and received permission to interview Jeremy Bates for a position of the staff. The Broncos could block him from taking a position on our staff other than Head Coach. I believe we probably said he was interviewing for head coach even if that isn't our intention. Bates, called plays last season for the Broncos and is also a proponent of the ZBS a lot like Cable. You have to wonder if this is a complement to Cable or a replacement. So far, Davis is assembling a coaching staff without a Head Coach, which seems odd considering his health status. These are all moves that seems like Cable has some input on. I expect him to be hiring soon.

Rob Ryan VS Rex Ryan

During an interview on The Monty Show on Sporting News Radio, Fabian Washington spilled the beans on the differences between Rob and Rex Ryan. As we know, Rex Ryan has been the best defensive coordinator over the past 10 or so years, while Rob Ryan has been one of the worst (by the numbers). So what is the difference? "They are the same. They are different, but they are the same," Washington said. "The only difference is really Rex likes to blitz a bit more. Out of ten plays, Rex will blitz eight or nine times." Washington also thinks Rob Ryan will adopt many of those blitzing ideas in Cleveland. It would be reasonable to assume Rob Ryan will be successful in Cleveland. It would also be reasonable to assume Al Davis is the one who has handicapped our defense by not allowing blitzing. Washington said guys in Oakland used to talk about the Ravens defense. It would be reasonable to assume the players in Oakland would like to blitz more. Hopefully, our next de

How to Address the Holes in the Offensive Line

Jordan Gross would be a huge pickup for us. Gross is familiar with zone blocking and drive blocking so he will be comfortable with Cable or someone else. He is really a RT in the drive blocking scheme or LT in the Zone scheme. The Raiders always make a splash or two in free agency. I believe right now that this will be the splash they make. The Panthers can't keep both Gross and Peppers, which leaves Gross as the man out. The Panthers must at least franchise Peppers so they don't lose him for nothing. Gross made $7.5 million last season and is a ProBowl player this season. In that way they are a lot like us, only able to keep one of the two probowl players they have entering free agency. Plus they don't have much flexibility under the cap to keep both, should they try. We have just Gallery, Green and Henderson coming back out of the players who started on the line for the Raiders this season. Signing the 28 year-old LT, Gross should be a top priority. He also provides addit

The Cable Man Has Rare Five Quality Blend

First off. I keep hearing this and it drives me crazy. Please please please watch out what you read and who you listen to when it comes to Raiders analysis. This team doesn't lack talent. That is a myth. They have just as much as every other NFL team. Some people think they might be more talented than a lot of teams. It is system, culture, and discipline. Not necessarily penalties, but discipline of gap assignments, coverage assignments, etc. Part of that is youth, part of it is accountability and leadership. This goes for most NFL teams. Draft Notes: I honestly think Morrison moving to OLB and drafting Maualuga would be a great move or picking up Aaron Curry. Coaching Search: In general, the same people that complain about the firing of Kiffin want Cable gone. Isn't that a contradiction? People wanted Kiffin because of "continuity," but they also want to chuck Cable who is our last piece of coaching continuity from last season? If you want continuity, you want Cable.

Blog Tag

Hello all, I've discovered a new tool called Microsoft Tag. It is pretty cool tool for smartphones that allows you to take a picture of this barcode and be instantly linked with content. I've yet to decide exactly how I am going to use this tool, but my hope is you will try it. My hope is you might help me promote the blog and post a few of these barcodes on other sites, etc. This tag links back to my homepage. I may decide to use it as a way for you to be linked to special content I have produced for the blog. Feel free to give me feedback. Thanks.

Exodus of Assistant Coaches, Can Cable Attract A Decent Staff?

Knapp to Seattle to be an OC - Not that I don't think the guy is a great guy, but he hasn't had much success being an OC. Not a loss. Ryan to Cleveland to be a DC - I guess time will now tell if it was really Rob Ryan's fault for the defensive woes. Probably better he moves on. Rathman to SF to be an OC - Huge Loss. This was one of the guys I was hoping to keep around. Maybe it will help Bush though, his "body language" expressed his displeasure at FB and perhaps a new RB coach wont push him to do that (It wont happen with O'Neal and Griffith back anyway). Schneider getting looks in Jacksonville and Seattle - Anothe big loss. Special Teams has been a bright spot. You have to wonder if that is partly Lechler and Higgins, or if Schneider had a lot to do with it. Cable may have sat down with Davis to discuss his future today. One thing that I have been wondering, is if Cable has enough league connections to attract a top flight coaching staff. It is now clear tha

Chris Mortensen The Proffessional Liar

Chris Mortensen isn't scoring any points with Al Davis. There is another case of Mort failing to get both sides of a story an reporting it as fact. Mortensen has tossed out the playbook for journalism as ESPN does on numerous occasions. This is another example of ESPN creating a story. As a journalist no side of a story every loses the right to tell their side, even if it is always a denial or flat out lie. The public has that right to decide, not Chris Mortensen. Mortensen I believe has many good sources that makes him good at what be does, but I Believe he has let his stature degrade his journalistic integrity. It is sad, because I believe the Raiders deserve a say. From my observations the Raiders with a few tweaks here an there can maintain their sense of secrecy while also garnering some good will with the local and national media. The current method of dealing with the media is what brings about this kind of thing. I don't blame the Raiders, Kiffin played Mortensen. The

Al Davis Attempting to Sell 10 Percent of Team

As reported by Chris Mortensen, the Raiders are attempting to sell 10 percent of the team to billionaire C. Dean Metropoulos. Metropoulos is the former CEO of Pinnacle foods. Also known as the syrup, pickles, and frozen foods company . He sold the company for $2 billion in 2007. Paul Domowitch of the Philadelphia Daily News reported Metropoulos was reported seeking to buy the Jaguars last year, with the intention of moving the team to Los Angeles. Metropoulos also previously attempted to buy the Raiders according to Domowitch. Al Davis recently sold a 20 percent minority stake of the team for $150 million. This portion of the team was previously owned by the family of Ed McGah . McGah helped Davis wrestle control of the team from Wayne Valley in the 1970s. This 20 percent was also what finally gave Al Davis majority ownership in the team in 2005. According to the San Francisco Business Times , "Davis struck his deal with three East Coast businessmen: Paul Leff, founder of the P