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Raiders Crushed by Ravens 29-10

Brace yourselves for blackouts local fans. 2-5 is hardly the kind of product that people are going to pay $100 to watch. With the most recent installment of Raider Football ending in a complete destruction what can you expect. It was a game moslty bad, as always I will attempt to find whatever hint of a silver lining there may be. QB: Russell didn't have a fantastic day, but considering the offensive line's struggle to keep defenders out of the backfield or even make their line calls in time, he did what he could. There was only a couple of errant throws and I'd say all but one came before we had to throw on every play. I think he is growing, but the Ravens defense were in his face all day. Can't really blame Russell much for this loss. His WR didn't exactly get open either. RB: Fargas & Bush got nothing against the Ravens. That isn't a surprise to me. You have to wonder why McFadden was inactive. I think the coaching staff finally realized he isn't goin

Cable Learning On-The-Fly

It was in heart-stopping fashion, but Cable has his first win. Sebastian Janikowski booted a 57-yard field goal late in overtime. We did everything possible to lose. Daring Brett Favre to beat you isn't the strategy I would take. Favre had two opportunities in the fourth quarter and three in overtime. To the defense's credit, they managed to only give up three points on the five possessions, but letting the Jets get into field goal range starting from their five yard-line proves how far we still need to go. There were some positive signs. We actually threw a few passes to wide receivers, the defense was pretty stout on the day and Asomugha got moved around the field in an attempt to confuse Farve and get some passes thrown his way. The latter still didn't happen. Some might argue that the Jets ran the ball well, but when you are getting yards on third and long, you aren't too concerned. Bottom-line is we gave up only ten points. The offense wasn't exactly dynamic. H

Raider Magnets

I have an extreme dislike of Raider Magnets. If your going to brand your vehicle put a sticker on the window. I give the fans credit to come see this team, but if you want to gain Raider Nation Cred put a sticker on your car.

Week 7 Preview: Russell to Chaz "Michaels Michaels" Schilens

Well well well, Schilens is starting over Curry. This is a great thing. Schilens size and speed make him a better outside target and Curry thrives in the slot. Too bad we have Yvonne Walker still will start, catch two passes, and find his divot mark on the bench. I like Schilens and I am glad he is getting his shot. It has been a while since I posted, my apologies, I had two weddings back-to-back weekends so I was sparred the agony of the New Orleans defeat, or I was live anyways. The Saints were underrated going into last week. It was my hope the short week/long week thing would go in our favor, but it turns out the Saints took out their Monday night frustrations on us. Too bad. I don't think anyone is noticing how poorly our offense has been when McFadden isn't full strength. Provided he is back to 100% soon, our offense will start rolling. If it wasn't for some late game collapses, this team could be 3-2. We aren't, but it is important to notice this, because clearly

One Important Note

We have a new coach, who wants more balance and not "run, run, run, punt." This is a good sign. This isn't like we have to revamp the entire staff. Besides Kiffin, the entire staff is in place. We shouldn't let our emotions take over and begin to drink the media Kool-Aid about "adjusting to a new head coach." How hard is it to continue to do your duties at work when you have a new boss two levels up, but all your coworkers and managers remain the same? Not much really changes. Nothing that should negatively impact the team. This is one very important game. For Al Davis, for the Raiders, and for Tom Cable. The most important factor in the game will be this: Raiders coming off a bye, Saints coming off a short week. This gives us a distinct advantage in preparation and health. I wonder if the team is watching the game tonight? The matchups to watch: Thomas Howard vs. Reggie Bush Raiders Secondary vs Drew Brees Fargas, McFadden, Bush vs. Saints D Line

The Truth: Read Between the Lies

If your looking for the truth in all of this, your not going to find it. Who is telling the truth? Are they both lying? Is it possible both are telling the truth? Well, this post is going to directly deal with the truth as I see it. It is neither pro Davis, or pro Kiffin. I always try to write pro Raiders, and I'll do that here. It all started with the draft last year. Davis and his scouts loved Russell. Kiffin liked Calvin Johnson, Quinn, or others. I believe Davis told the truth about that, because it makes so much sense and rumors at the time supported this. Kiffin came to Davis with his recommendations in the draft. This is where the men first had conflict. Davis said we are drafting Russell, and Kiffin didn't like it. I'm not sure what he said directly to Davis, but whether directly or indirectly Kiffin communicated to Davis that he didn't believe he could win with Russell. If you know anything about Al Davis, you know making excuses about why you can't win is