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Rousing Raiders Victory Will Be Memorable

The last game of the season is always flavorful. For playoff teams that don't win the Super Bowl, they are left with a sour taste in their mouths and are eager to return. For the Super Bowl Champions a sweet flavor of victory. For non-playoff teams that lose their last game a rotten taste and something to chew on the rest of the offseason. For a non-playoff team that is victorious, perhaps a cleansing gulp of water that washes down the bitter taste of another lost season. Cleansing renewal may have been enough for Cable to retain his job. Cable certainly made his case for the Head Coaching job over the past few weeks. Al Davis may observe simple things such as Asomugha and Lechler clearing out their lockers early. A few things are slowly emerging from the season long Raiders saga. At least one player said Kiffin quit on the team. That is news to me and certainly puts some validity to Al Davis' claim during the freak show that was the Kiffin overhead projector firing. Rumor has

Win It For Philly

I once heard a national writer talk about the best NFL fans. They mistakenly gave the Raiders #2 behind Eagles fans. In 2008 ESPN did an embarrassing one, but that is the four letter word, I'll save that for another off season rant. However, one thing he wrote stuck with me. Raiders fans are among the only fans Eagles fans actually respect. That means a lot considering most fan bases hate the Raider Nation. If you are going to give small props to other "nations" than the Eagles and Browns fans have to right at the top (WE ARE THE ONLY ORIGINAL NATION). The Eagles need us to beat TB. Not only will beating TB give Philly a shot, but it gives them a shot to take down the Yankees of the NFL, The Dallas Cowboys. Oddly Jerry Jones and Al Davis are tight which creates a strange love circle considering the rivalry between the Eagles and Cowboys. We need this one for other reasons, but giving the Eagles a shot is a nice consolation prize.

Raiders Crush Texans. Cable Seeing the Light?

You have to wonder how far off this team is. In my opinion, the talent is there, in a lot of places. There are certainly holes, there are certainly weaknesses. Henderson has been playing very well. Fans clamored for that in like week three. Turns out the fans knew more than the coaching staff. Fans wanted to see Chaz Schilens and JLH get more opportunities, coaches delayed it. Now they are making plays. Fans wanted McFadden to get the ball more, coaches finally do it. Fans correct again!!! Why is it that the fans can see what needs to happen before the coaches? Something is really wrong with this scenario. Today we witnessed what could happen when the young guys get a chance to make plays. Cable slowly has done what we all saw needed to be done, no matter how hard it was to actually do. I don't think Cable is exactly the best guy to be the HC, but I do think he is the right kind of guy to influence this locker room. He coaches with balls, which you have to love. He is willing to ru

Tom Condon vs Al Davis

What will become of Asomugha and Lechler? We simple cannot afford to keep them both. We can't afford it, and we can't prevent it. We can prevent Asomugha from leaving with the franchise tag or Lechler with the Transition or Franchise tender. With both guys represented by Tom Condon, it looks like Condon is going to use them both as leverage against the Raiders. If we tag Nnamdi, Condon will get full market value for Lechler. He likely would prefer this. He won't let Either sign a longterm deal before making the Raiders decide on a tag, because doing so would limit his leverage. So both won't be back unless we drastically overpay for both. The best option for Davis would be to attempt to trade one of them before he has to apply a tag. That we he can maintain the value, but teams aren't going to trade for a punter knowing there is a good chance he is going to be on the open market for free. What this means going forward is that the absolute best option would be tradin

Raider Nation = The Wounded Animal

Everybody knows how crazy Raider fans are. Everybody knows how die hard they are. Completely freakish and fanatical. In some cases even criminal. We have always been a group of nastiness. We are the bad boys of the NFL. This all developed because the Raiders used to be the bad boys of the NFL. Every teenage boy in the 1970s wanted to be a Raider. The rebel, the nasty bad ass mother. Raiders fans are wired different. We are the kind of fans that fly of the handle when a coach calls a fake FG run to the 290 lb kicker on 4th and 10, because we should be knocking around the other team so badly that we don't need to go for it in that situation. That is who the fans are and what the team used to be. My friends, that isn't the Raiders team anymore. They quit in the Atlanta game, they quit in the San Diego game, and they probably quit even more than that. Certainly it isn't every player, but when you are talking about the team, collectively they quit. McFadden has even caught the f

2nd Quarter Summary 1

Sproles easily makes it to the endOne on the screen pass. Pathetic. Kwame Harris strikes again. I hate him more than anybody now. Russell another turnover. Has he taken two steps back or what? We are losing this game more than they are winning it. Honestly I might stop watching at halftime if this keeps up. 9:49 to go in the 2nd.

1st quarter summary update

Stupid mobile blogging software is acting up. Two major things: Russell fumble was clearly a tuck rule. Tommy Kelly cost us a touchdown with his personal foul. I'd sit his ass down all game for that. So far a stinker but only die to a tuck rule and a stupid penalty. If we could magically correct those controllablea we might actually be able to stay in a game. Also, all black socks are back in the secondary. Last one we wore them we were killed at home by Denver on MNF.