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Where Do You Talk About Your Favorite Team?

#NFL #Raiders So you may or may not be into the whole message board thing. You might only shoot the breeze on all things Raiders with roommates or friends. To many of us, that is fine, but we also like to read and post about what other Raiders fans are thinking and saying. There are a few options out there for Raiders related discussion. Some of the well known ones being: -> While a great site of Raiders fans, there seems to be a lacking in honest Raiders fans. Just too many homers clogging the board to have good Raiders related conversation. Raiders Message Board -> A clean and simple format, a lot of news and good reads, but trolls have taken over the board and ESPN has no interest in fixing the current format. CBS Sportsline Raiders Message Board -> While the topics are decent and the board lacks the troll annoyances, the overall usability of the board is hampered by a poster ranking system. If you are new, your posts are stuck at the bottom and no o

Russell Party Pics Surface. Weight Question Remains

Russell Party Pics surface. I'm more concerned about his weight than the drinks he was enjoying. #NFL #Raiders #Russell I've never cared much for people distorting reality. Reality is that pictures are common and if we are at a party there are a few shots being snapped. Recently these photos have been posted on show JaMarcus having a good time. This has nothing to do with his on-field performance. I'm sure Tom Brady has knocked a few back at a party before. The reason I decided to post these photos is more because of the tight white shirt Russell is wearing. You can clearly see quite a round belly. Maybe the slightly rotund Russell is just what he is, but I wish he would show a little bit of ambition to work that off during the offseason so we aren't talking about a 300 pound quarterback down the road.

OTA Recap

Russell continued his struggles during OTAs. At one point his frustration built up to a point he used profanity loudly. #NFL # Raiders So he isn't emotionless, he just keeps most of them bottled up. Noticeably absent were Nnamdi Asomugha, Derrick Burgess and Chris Johnson. Burgess I understand because he lives in another state and doesn't normally attend anything voluntary. Asomugha is another story. He lives in the East Bay. Chris Johnson is interesting, because it isn't as if he starting spot is completely nailed down. Routt could press him for the starting gig. The media is doing their best to suggest Michael Huff be used as a cornerback to no avail. I wish they would let him give it a shot at cornerback, with the safety position now a bit crowded. Nothing to worry about yet, but you would like to see some more crispness and completions in non-contact activities from the QBs. The fact that Garcia and Gradkowski are as bad or worse is perhaps an indicator that it has less

Mini Camp Day 3 Recap

You have to wonder why so many of the rookies missed practice because of hamstring cramps. I guess they just weren't used to the rigors of the NFL. It is concerning, but we know nothing was major. Were the Raiders playing it extremely safe? Or, were the Raiders trying to alleviate some of the media scrutiny on the young guys? Whatever the reason practice was sloppy with many non-contibutors. Because of the sloppiness and with so many guys sitting out it was a difficult day to gauge. I hope the coaches are truly making strides with these guys' mental game and fundamentals. Neal is already looking like a great pickup. He is older than a normal FB but he still has game and is in shape. Provided he stays healthy he is just the right kind of FB to complement O'Neal and improve the run game and pass protection. Most impressive camp: TE Chris Oneil. Everyone was raving about this guy. Least impressed: WR Lious Murphy because he couldn't stay on the field with cramps

Mandatory Mini-Camp Day 2 Recap

I came down with the Derrick Burgess flu (Chipotle), so I missed the afternoon practice. Also, because I was sick, I'm not going to do a full rundown of the morning practice. Instead, I'll post some links. I'll continue to post on Twitter @Raidersblog and do recaps on the blog. Jerry McDonald's Blog Recap Steve Corkran Article - DHB needs STM and TLC David White Article - Garcia as a Mentor Washington Post Mother's Day Article about DHB and his mother. Thankfully it's not as uncomfortable as the story about Frantz Joseph and his mother. Phil Barber - Mini-Camp Recap Phil Barber - Garcia article DHB had a tough practice so tomorrow will be important to see how he bounces back. Hopefully being held out of the evening practice was a precaution and that he will be fine. Russell has been streaky. Inconsistent might be another word, but so far no one seems to be worried. I like the calmer atmosphere of this coaching staff as opposed to others. It isn't like A

Mandatory Mini-Camp Day 1 Recap

If you haven't been following @Raidersblog on Twitter, you need to start. There is just too much good stuff on Twitter not to join and I'm posting mini-camp practice updates in real-time. I'll only be posting a wrap-up here tomorrow and the rest of the weekend. This is a compilation of the posts today, wrapped into one post. Participation Report: Lorenzo Neal is a Raider - Welcome aboard. Happy to have you! Derrick Burgess is not practicing for unknown reasons - Holdout? Injury? Zach Miller not practicing - unknown injury Oren O'Neal - dressed, but not practicing Arman Shields - dressed, but not practicing Gary Russell - RB - signs with the Raiders. Javon Walker watching without a helmet. Derrick Burgess is now on the field. Andrew Walter is not getting snaps at QB. Samson Satele not practicing - pre-existing knee injury Gallery and McQuistan sit out for no reason at all. Depth Chart Watch: Wide Receiver: Heyward-Bey and Schilens Running Back: McFadden Offensive Line:

Michael Pittman Another Possible FB

Veteran back Michael Pittman is also drawing interest from the Raiders according to David White @bydavidwhite (For you twitter users). On the heels of the news that Lorenzo Neal could be brought in, this isn't a surprise. It appears the Raiders are seriously considering every available veteran Fullback. Pittman comes with a history of problems, but knows the scheme and would be a capable weapon out of the backfield. Neal is more of a bulldozer than a receiving FB. Don't be surprised if the Raiders bring in both the veteran backs. Fullbacks don't typically cost much to sign and we would have both in case O'Neal isn't healthy. If O'Neal is healthy, we can easily keep the better of the two and cut the other. Don't forget to vote in the new poll. Who is the Worst Raiders Draft Pick since 2000?

The Worst Draft

When it comes to the draft, what is the worst Raiders draft pick in recent memory? Well recent events would tell you it must be Darius Heyward-Bey or Mike Mitchell. It is hard to argue this point, because these players haven't played a snap in the NFL yet. People will do it anyway, even if it is unfair. If you want to be a critic of the Raiders drafting, wouldn't criticizing the pick of Michael Huff or Seabass be wiser? You know, with undrafted kickers performing just as well or better than Seabass and Michael Huff getting benched behind a rookie and Hiram Eugene? We make fun of teams taking kickers and punters before the seventh round and the Raiders took Seabass in round one. Isn't that the biggest draft blunder in NFL history? I think it could be. Lechler was worth it, but he was drafted much later. The Raiders have a history of taking who they want despite what others think. The Raiders did it again this year. You could argue that this method hasn't produced

AFL Legacy Games

The NFL announced today that the Oakland Raiders will be involved in four AFL Legacy Games.   The Raiders will wear the 1963 Away Uniforms on Thanksgiving, November 26. White uniforms with silver lettering outlined in black. The helmets will have the old logo as well.   I am waiting for confirmation from the NFL to see if the Raiders will wear the old logo helmet with the normal home uniforms when they host the San Diego Chargers September 14, the New York Jets (Titans of New York) October 25 and the Kansas City Chiefs (Dallas Texans) on November 15.   I find it comical that the Broncos will wear turd brown and piss yellow uniforms, while the Chiefs will wear jerseys that look like they are from the basement at Texas University. Then there is the Chargers with the baby powder blue uniforms. I always thought the "powder" color was a befitting of the masculinity of a team originally from L.A.

DHB's Video Blog

Want some more insight into our #7 pick? Darius Heyward-Bey had a video blog leading up to the 2009 NFL Draft You can see all the videos here . Many thanks to .

Raiders Radio

Tirico & Van Pelt - Darius Heyward-Bey (6:40) Tirico & Van Pelt - Nnamdi Asomugha KHTK - Mike Lamb at the Raiders Draft Part 1 KHTK - Mike Lamb at the Raiders Draft Part 2 KNBR - Murph & Mac - Darius Heyward-Bey Comcast Sports Net - Chronicle Live with Greg Papa - DHB Video interview segments NFLTA: Darius Heyward-Bey That is all I have time to find right now, but if you have any more email me the link.