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Report: Raiders Team To Beat For McNabb

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Raiders have emerged as the leader to land Donovan McNabb via trade.   The Raiders are apparently the team to beat in regards to an offer for the 34-year-old signal caller.   No details have yet emerged of the compensation involved in any potential trade. Last week it was reported Nnamdi Asomugha could be involved along with Eagle’s corner Asante Samuel.   Judging from the poll I conducted, most of Raider Nation supports a trade for McNabb, and most for no greater than a third-round pick.   A third-round pick is the compensation I supported, although I wouldn’t be crushed if the Raiders surrendered a second-round pick. I believe Raider Nation would also support the trade for McNabb, should it happen, as long as it didn’t involve Asomugha or a first-round pick.   I feel like a second-round pick is a little too much, but I could get behind the trade.   The risk here is no option to use the franchise tag on McNabb in 2011 nor would the Ra

Silver Sage?

The rumor now swirling around the NFL is that the Raiders have inquired with the Minnesota Vikings about journeyman QB Sage Rosenfels. There are many potential reasons for such a rumor to be leaked. A) The Raiders are putting pressure on the Eagles and trying to drive down the price of Donovan McNabb. B) The Raiders are seriously considering Rosenfels as competition for Gradkowski, Russell and Frye. C) This rumor has no legs and it is simply just the product of the slow NFL offseason. The least likely of these reasons would be the first one. The Raiders front office personnel are a tight-lipped group and leaking a rumor doesn't really jive. If the Raiders are seriously considering Rosenfels, he would bring back memories of Gannon. The backup journeyman who always seemed to be productive when he got a chance. Rosenfels owns a career 62.5% completion percentage and 81.2 QB rating. His last two seasons in Houston he played 15 games, passed for 207 yards/per game, had 21 TDs and 22 IN

McNabb Would Be Costly For Raiders

I’ve received plenty of criticism for my opinion that McNabb would not be a good move for the Raiders.   The things the Raiders have to consider are the cost to obtain and retain McNabb.   It will take a second or third round pick and player to obtain McNabb and a three-year or four-year contract extension with a big chunk of cash in guarantees to retain him.   If you can get him for a third round pick and sign him for three years it might be worth it. Anything more may be too high of a cost.   Would McNabb be better than any quarterback on the Raiders roster? Absolutely? Perhaps the numbers need to be examined.   For this, we will take McNabb’s career numbers and do some averaging. Taking 10 years of history should give us a pretty good idea of the kind of quarterback McNabb is. We will also take Gradkowski’s numbers, but his numbers in a Raiders uniform. This is the closest estimation we can possible attain, in regards to the idea of projecting based on known factors.  

Raiders Reshaping Front 7

The Raiders were among the worst in the league at stopping the run in 2009, ranking 29 th and surrendering 155.5 yards per game. This is a familiar weakness to Raider Nation as the Raiders ranked in the bottom five in rushing defense in 2007 and 2008. In fact, the Raiders rushing defense hasn’t ranked higher than 22 nd since 2002, with the worst season coming in 2003.   The Raiders front 7 has evolved during that time. In 2003 the Raiders aging front 7 was exposed when the offense could no longer carry the team.   The Raiders didn’t sit idle in trying to address the needs along the front 7. In fact, the Raiders tried to plug the holes with a key individual here and there without much success.   2003 Draft Tyler Brayton (pick 32 overall)   2004 Sign Warren Sapp (Pro Bowler) UFA Tommy Kelly   2005 Sign Derrick Burgess (Pro Bowler) Draft Kirk Morrison (pick 78 overall)   2006: Draft Thomas Howard (pick 38 overall)   2007: Trade for Gerrard Warren Draft Jay Richar

Owner's Meetings: Thomas Howard In Limbo

San Francisco Chronicle reporter David White is at the NFL Owner ’ s meeting in Orlando. There are s ome interesting tidbits from Head Coach Tom Cable.   JaMarcus Russell ’ s weight is always a hot topic , but how much he weighs is really irrelevant . Sure it might make him more mobile, sure it might indicate he is working harder, but it is out the window without production.   Russell did n ’ t change his throwing motion , per Cable.   Kamerion Wimbley will play strong-side linebacker and Cable touted Trevor Scott ’ s development at weak-side linebacker . Not sure this is good for our run defense.   The obvious question is: What about Thomas Howard? There may be an interesting competition at the two OLB spots this s ummer. Ricky Brown als o signed his tender, but he could also be in play at middle linebacker .   This also clears the way for Matt Shaughnessey to become the clear starter at defensive end opposite Richard Seymour.   Mark Davis and Amy Trask attended

Mock Draft 1.0

I started a interactive mock draft on Twitter, but it sort of fizzled out at the Raiders pick and with the start of March Madness. I neglected to fill out a bracket this year so this gives me plenty of time to finish what we started. . Pick Team Player Pos Notes . 1 St. Louis Rams Sam Bradford QB If you don't have a QB amd you have the opportunity to select the best one available, you do it and ask questions later. The Raiders are still asking these questions. . 2 Detroit Lions Russell Okung OT The Lions need to protect the investment they have in Stafford and Johnson. They could go DT here, but an elite LT is a safer pick no matter how highly touted the DT. . 3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ndamonkung Suh DT The Bucs could go with either DT, but Suh's versatility and more impressive workout numbers woo the Bucs young coaching staff. . 4 Washington Redskins Jimmy Clausen QB Shannahan and Bruce Allen have avoided the big splash so far, but to get the developmental QB right off the bat wh

The 5 Character Flaws of JaMarcus Russell

There are two specific trains of thought on the recent news that JaMarcus Russell has dropped weight and altered his throwing mechanics.   Wait and see… JaMarcus will still stink (He isn’t smart enough, no way he got wise, this is just good PR, etc.)   There isn’t much expected of Russell and taking the “weight and see” approach to his new found dedication provides the opportunity for Russell to surprise and opportunity for fans to jump back on Russell’s bandwagon.   A much bolder approach is that JaMarcus is JaMarcus and that he will not change and he will not succeed. He will continue to be horrible because of deficiencies in his character.   I’m not willing to be so bold, for fear of Russell actually proving me wrong; even if the chance of that happening would seem to be small. The wait and see approach allows for this decision to be made at a later time.   Russell’s on the field success is directly proportional to the amount of extra work he is putting into film study

Willie Brown: "You'll be surprised when you see (JaMarcus)"

Willie Brown may be retired, but he is working hard as ever at his ongoing squad development position for the Raiders. He was on CSN Bay Area’s Chronicle Live last night and had some interesting comments about JaMarcus Russell. His absence was due to trying to finish the sale of a house in Mobile and that he has dropped weight and will be more in shape, not just physically, this coming season. Jerry McDonald reports that former player Eddie Anderson has been assigned to Russell to monitor his offseason progress. Here is the video:

Wimbley Trade: Does it Change Draft?

Wimbley was acquired for the 3rd round pick the Raiders received in the deal from New England for Derrick Burgess. Recent Raiders trades would be the equivilant of Wimbley, Seymour, and a 2010 5th round pick for Derrick Burgess and a 2011 1st round pick. There isn’t a lot that can be analyzed when it comes to Wimbley’s statitical performance because he will play a different position with the Raiders. Either SLB or Rush DE or both. It is worth noting that Wimbley comes from a Rob Ryan coached defense to a linebacker group coached by Mike Hulchak, who coached Wimbley in his 11 sack rookie season. We know that Wimbley can get to the QB even in a bad year. He was the focus of opposing teams offensive gameplans in Cleveland, something that will be much harder for teams to do in the AFC West with Seymour, Scott, Shaughnessey and company. In pass rush heavy sets, you could see Wimbley and Shaughnessey at DE, with Kelly and Seymour at DT and Scott at SLB. Wimbley’s biggest question mark

Fargas, Alston, Warren Drawing Interest

Justin Fargas is visiting the Eagles. Jon Alston the Jets. Gerrard Warren is already drawing interest from a few teams. Why should we care? It seems like guys Raider Nation consider scrubs end up catching on elsewhere. In this case, Alston is a core special teams player, Fargas could prove to be a decent backup again. Warren shows flashes of being really good, which some line coaches might believe they can pull out of him with more regularity. I have my doubts, because he is so terrible the rest of the time.

Raiders Interested in TO

ESPN’s John Clayton reports the Raiders could make a run at Terrell Owens.   He is desperate for a team, that is for sure.   It is interesting considering the Raiders plethora of young wide-receivers.   At this point it is just speculation, but should TO sign with the Raiders who is the odd man out?   Let the speculation begin.  

Gerrard Warren Finally Released

In a move we all know was coming, Gerrard Warren has been released. He was due to receive a big roster bonus in the coming days.   For the first time in many years the Raiders are shedding contracts and veterans instead of signing them.   This leaves a big hole at defensive tackle.   Not that Warren was anything to write home about, having lost playing time to Desmond Bryant last season.   Still, the Raiders will be in the market for a defensive tackle, with only the likes of Tommy Kelly, William Joseph, and Bryant at the position.   The Raiders list of needs has officially been expanded.   Defensive Needs (in order):   DT CB LB DE   Offensive Needs (in order):   OT OG FB   Safe to say the Raiders will draft heavy on the defensive side of the ball, even though the offense was the weakest link last season.    

Larry Johnson a Raider? reports that Larry Johnson will visit the Raiders on Sunday . He will first visit the Redskins.   This is a troubling piece of news because Larry Johnson is the opposite of Justin Fargas in the locker room. He does have quite a bit more talent, but he will likely cost significantly more than Fargas was set to earn.   This is a huge red flag for Darren McFadden and Michael Bush. Interest in a running back like Larry Johnson signifies the Raiders distrust of the young duo.   Here is to hoping the Redskins sign Johnson first.  

Al Davis Wallet May Be Light

With the shedding of several veteran players and the lack of interest in big name free agents, one has to wonder? Does Al Davis have money to burn? Davis gave $14 million to Javon Walker in two fruitless seasons and big money to his Asomugha, Kelly, and his special teams unit over the past couple years. What kind of cash does Al Davis have to spend? Could he be saving for a potential lockout? Based on 2009 listing. The Raiders posted a league worst -$5.7 million operating income. That same Forbes list had revenue at $215 million and player expenses at 168 million. This leaves very roughly just about $41 million for bonuses and other spending this offseason. Provided Davis hasn’t been saving significant portions of cash in the last few seasons. With Seymour’s tag and Routt’s tender, pushing the salary higher this season than in years past, Al Davis’ wallet could be on the light side. In the past, money has never been a true obstacle for Al Davis. He signs who he wants and is

Wholesale Changes For Raiders

What a week and it is just Monday! Javon Walker, Greg Ellis, Cornell Green are out, is Anthony Becht in? Walker, the biggest bust in free agency history is finally gone. He is making money this season, on or off the roster. So this is a statement that, Walker wasn’t even worthy of being the 53rd man on a bad team. Green signed for way too much money in Buffalo, but the guess is that the Bills will be a run heavy team next season, and that is one area where Green really does well. No one will miss him in Silver and Black. No wonder the Raiders re-signed Khalif Barnes. The Raiders need the bodies, at least. Cutting DE Greg Ellis is the most surprising, but the according to Michael Lombardi, his contract became fully guaranteed if he was on the roster next week. Considering the rise of Matt Shaughnessey and Ellis’ injury history may be the likely reason he is gone. The other, is that the Raiders may be targeting one of the premium pass rushing Defensive Ends in April’s draft. Jason Pierre

Restricted Free Agent News

The Raiders have tendered offers to several restricted free agents. More than a few of them will raise eyebrows. I'll keep this post updated as more information is released and/or rumored. Here is the very latest: Bruce Gradkowski - 2nd Round - $1.759 Million Kirk Morrison - Original Round (3rd in his case) - $2.524 Million (110% of his base in 2009) Stanford Routt - 1st and 3rd Round - $3.268 Million Jon Condo - 2nd Round - $1.759 Million Thomas Howard -2nd Round - $1.089 Jon Alston - Khalif Barnes - Ricky Brown - 2nd Round - $1.226 Million Charlie Frye - Chris Morris - Original Round (7th in his case) - $1.226 Million Gary Russell - Hiram Eugene - 2nd Round - $1.226 Million J.P. Losman - Luke Lawton -