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Hanson Will Talk to Police

After an attempt to negotiate with Al Davis to get his coaching job back failed, Randy Hanson decided to cooperate with police. At least that is the story out of the National Football Post this afternoon. A civil case is also expected.

That is dirty. Blackmailing your employer with threat of legal action unless they do what you want them to do.

Although I can't condone Cable throwing the guy out of his chair, you have to wonder what kind of person does something dirty like this.

Think about it, he wanted back on Cable's staff. Would you want to be on the coaching staff of a guy that broke your jaw because he hated your guts? No, you wouldn't. You would have taken one of Al Davis' offers. Probably the one where you don't have to work, but maybe you like to work and take the front office job.

Hanson knows that it wasn't a big deal, but now it will be a bigger deal. He knew he was in the driver seat, either the team gives him what he wants or they get what they really don't want.

There is a fatal flaw in Hanson's plan, everyone now knows him now. Guys that sue their employer aren't hired many places after that. He will be hard pressed to get another job. He better hope his civil case is air tight.

Even if his civil case is solid, no telling if he will get a dime from Al Davis. Davis had the balls to sue the NFL and won. He surrounds himself with lawyers, good ones.

It is hard to believe the source in Lombardi's article isn't Hanson himself. Who else would know that he hung up on Al Davis, did he take the phone call in a conference room?

Hanson like Kiffin is using the media against Al Davis. Knowing the way the Raiders operate, it is almost too easy. Just get the negative information out, the Raiders are never going to respond to it.

As I said before, don't condone Cable's actions (if they happened like we have heard), but in the real world, despite laws, if you run your mouth, better be willing to back it up.

No one likes a guy that runs his mouth all the time. Everyone wants to shut him up.

Shut up Randy Hanson, cause your not making any friends. Expect for maybe in the media, because you are padding their pocketbook.


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