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Fan Poll Results: Draft Grades

I asked Raider Nation to grade the draft picks on a scale of A to F. Love (A), Like (B), Wait (C), Hope D and Hate (F) were the options.

Draft grades mean nothing, but what you, the fan, thinks of the draft actually does mean something.

Fan grades are a reflection of how much confidence the fans have in the front office.

So let's get to the grades...

Stefen Wisniewski

A - Love Grades: 38

B - Like Grades: 30

C - Wait Grades: 0

D - Hope Grades: 3

F - Hate Grades: 1

Overall GPA: .901 (A)

Wisniewski receives a low A letter grade by the fans. His uncle's legacy in silver and black certainly had a lot to do with his reception, but the Raiders needed lineman badly also and this probably boosted his stock.

Demarcus Van Dyke

A - Love Grades: 2

B - Like Grades: 9

C - Wait Grades: 46

D - Hope Grades: 14

F - Hate Grades: 1

Overall GPA: .609 (D)

Ouch, Demarcus Van Dyke receives a near failing grade from Raiders fans, but it is interesting to note that the vast majority voted to wait on Van Dyke. Van Dyke barely squeaks out the D grade.

Joseph Barkdale

A - Love Grades: 16

B - Like Grades: 34

C - Wait Grades: 22

D - Hope Grades: 0

F - Hate Grades: 0

Overall GPA: .826 (B)

When a team drafts a right tackle prospect in the middle rounds, it should be expected that the guy grades out average when it comes to fan excitement. The Raider Nation gives the Joseph Barkdale selection a low B. Barksdale received no D or F votes. Barkdale is a much-needed addition to the Raiders thin offensive line. The Raiders need for lineman likely helped his stock.

Chimdi Chekwa

A - Love Grades: 8

B - Like Grades: 26

C - Wait Grades: 32

D - Hope Grades: 5

F - Hate Grades: 1

Overall GPA: .741 (C)

Perhaps even more condemning of the Van Dyke pick was the Chewka pick two rounds later. Chewka is more physical and it seems like he would be able to step in and play before Van Dyke. The Raider Nation gives Chekwa a solid C grade.

Taiwan Jones

A - Love Grades: 17

B - Like Grades: 32

C - Wait Grades: 12

D - Hope Grades: 7

F - Hate Grades: 0

Overall GPA: .812 (B)

It's hard to imagine a running back from the late rounds giving the Raider Nation so much confidence. It wasn't a position of need and the fans still recognize and are excited about Taiwan Jones. He receives a low B from the fans.

Denarius Moore

A - Love Grades: 13

B - Like Grades: 27

C - Wait Grades: 14

D - Hope Grades: 11

F - Hate Grades: 2

Overall GPA: .739 (C)

The C grade is indicative of just how much unknown there is when a team drafts a receiver, but the Raider Nation recognizes there could be a value play in Moore, but we have to "wait" and see.

Richard Gordon

A - Love Grades: 2

B - Like Grades: 8

C - Wait Grades: 27

D - Hope Grades: 25

F - Hate Grades: 5

Overall GPA: .526 (F)

Raider Nation doesn't acknowledge the need for a blocking tight end. The Richard Gordon selection surprisingly receives a F from Raider Nation. He has a good chance of making the roster, but the fans don't like the pick of a little-known tight end in the sixth round. I believe the fans are wrong on this one.

David Ausberry

A - Love Grades: 1

B - Like Grades: 12

C - Wait Grades: 24

D - Hope Grades: 25

F - Hate Grades: 5

Overall GPA: .554 (F)

The Raider Nation is not enthusiastic about the Raiders final draft selection either. Ausberry is a big receiver that is likely to be converted to tight end. He wasn't on the radar as a draftable prospect and the Raider Nation supports this with a F letter grade.

Overall: C

The fans grade a draft just how it should be graded. A solid C grade is a wait and see grade. Good job Raider Nation!

Don't agree with the results? The poll is still open.


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